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Since the Offerors Conference, we have received several questions regarding the Slide Show individual slide # 12 and the requirements for submission of the Narrative/Background Statement (Preparation of Background Statement (Attachment B), Pages L-2 through L- 4. Below is the information provided to all potential vendors that registered at the offeror's conference.

I hope this helps as some clarification:

See also the instructions for Section L-2 through L-4 for assistance with Attachment B Preparation of Background Statement (Page L-11 of 13)

So for providing a narrative and describing your program regarding, for example, Attachment A, Page L-3 #1, Section E - Inspection and Acceptance, you can write and explain as an example "that Our agency has 2 buildings that are equipped with handicapped accessible walk ways and stairs, we have 1 elevator in each building. We meet building codes, we have lighted emergency exit signs, etc, and have included our inspection certificates. Our counselors have private offices or semi private suites and our group rooms extend privacy and confidentiality. " just an example

Basically, tell us about your agency, what it offers, the types of counseling provided, the type/method of accounting used, etc.

And, submit all required documents outlined for the Attachments as described in Section L of the RFP.