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Treatment Services

The United States Probation Office for the Northern District of Alabama (NDAL) has services to assist offenders and defendants with treatment services. These treatment services may include one, or a combination, of specific treatment needs such as: urine screen surveillance, substance abuse (outpatient and inpatient), mental health therapy, crisis stabilization, polygraphs, and sex offender therapy. Certain treatment needs will be guided and prioritized based on the individual's Court order and special conditions. Other treatment needs may come directly from the request of the individual to their supervision officer.

The treatment services providers network used in the Northern District of Alabama varies among private practitioners, community mental health centers, and non-profit organizations. We are able to offer and refer individuals to faith-based and non faith-based programs if the individual makes a specific request. We have several contracts in place with local providers that allow for expedient placement in treatment. We work closely with local and county community services board for direct referrals if NDAL does not have a current contract in place.

Individuals are encouraged to discuss treatment services with their supervision officer.