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Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Our Mission

To assist the Court in upholding the highest standards of judicial excellence, to promote positive change in each individual we serve, and utilize evidence-based practices to fully develop employees, improve supervision effectiveness, and enhance the safety of our communities.

Core Values and Beliefs

1. We are committed to the highest standard of our profession while striving to reach balance in our private and professional lives.

2. We join our Court in its quest for justice while emphasizing dignity, compassion and honesty in all aspects of our work.

3. We treat everyone with fairness and respect.

4. We are committed to maintaining our integrity in everything we do.

5. We seek to safeguard communities through diligent and thorough investigations and by utilizing evidence-based supervision practices.

Our Vision

We aspire to create an environment where excellent performance is standard, where creativity is inspired, and where all have the opportunity to pursue their highest potential.  We work diligently to create the perfect balance between retribution and compassion, where justice is most likely to be discovered.  We strive to have a positive impact on everyone.  We aim to create a learning organization that assists in the administration of justice and to reduce recidivism through the integration of evidence-based practices in collaboration with community and correctional partners.