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Bidding Process


  1. Refer to the sections in the RFP outlining details on "teaming" and what to include with your proposal.
  2. Submit all required documents as set forth in the instructions of the RFP.
  3. Incumbent programs shall submit a Program Discharge Summary Profile as set forth in the instructions and attachments provided within the RFP. If not an incumbent, then you do not include this document.
  4. Incumbent programs do not need to submit copies of monitoring reports from the US Probation Office, we have them on file; however, the incumbent programs shall provide copies of all monitoring reports for the previous 24 months from other federal, state, and local agencies for similar services provided within the catchment area(s) solicited.
  5. Potential bidders shall submit copies of monitoring/audit reports from other agencies, if applicable. If you do not receive audit/monitoring reports, then please make a note of this. (Private Firms)