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The Internet has quickly become one of the most popular job search methods. Managing time online can be very important during the job search. Here are some tips to help you use your time wisely:

  • Begin your online job search by visiting large information databases. Visit these sites every few days; daily visits may be too frequent to turn up new information.
  • Use links from the large information databases to take you to smaller sites where you can investigate specific employers or find networking contacts. Again, visit these sites every few days.
  • Use search engines to locate new resources specific to the job you want. Realistically, your Internet job search strategies should be limited to about 25% of the total time used to look for a job.
  • Don't neglect conventional job search strategies such as site visits, perusing newspaper want ads, job fairs or talking to friends.

When applying for job on-line, you will need an email address. To assist you in your efforts, the U.S. Probation Officer will help establish an email account for you. This email address will also be another way for you to communicate with your officer.